39 The blessing of organised operation integrated management The pioneers of organic agriculture had to face the bitter wind of distrust that everyone who challenges established ways of thinking acting and doing business has to encoun ter Our company founder Ulrich Walter drew his own con clusions from this early on Big ideas alone are not enough They need structures and processes to make them transpar ent verifiable and suitable for everyday life The controlled documented flow of goods was reality at Lebensbaum before it became a legal requirement in 1991 through the EU Eco Regulation By 1997 we had already introduced a certified environ mental management system At the same time a quality management system was established As in the everyday routine the two different systems overlapped in many areas we decided to merge them together seven years later Since then one integrated system has been ensuring adherence to and ongoing development of quality environmental and social standards at all of our companies Since 2012 we have been intensively enhancing all our sys tems to improve control transparency and documentation of our processes we have been using ConSense process and quality management software since 2015 Also in 2015 we introduced an EMAS compliant environ mental management system in our roasting house owned by the corporate group since 2011 We now work with a uniform system of environmental and sustainability man agement at both sites Within this context we added to our corporate policy and made its wording more precise as it is the basis for all guidelines processes and monitoring systems in the group see page 194f The corporate policy our company agreements other com pany guidelines and the business management process are described in our management approach see page 40f As part of the business management process the corporate policy is reviewed every year and adapted as necessary Clear review and approval processes in everyday opera tions ensure that our basic principles are incorporated into our processes and operating guidelines see page 41 New processes documents and any changes relating to this are where applicable put through a conformity check by the senior specialist staff before being signed off by manage ment New employees are instructed on our guidelines On each occasion existing employees have to explicitly confirm their understanding of any changes which are of relevance to them Training is provided on all particularly important aspects Regular checks of effectiveness see page 41 and compli ance see page 203 in particular as part of the audit pro gramme ensure adherence to guidelines or if necessary lead to corrective measures The introduction of the new company software in Decem ber 2015 had an impact on all areas of the business The system copes with the increasingly complex requirements of our growing company while improving data transparency at the same time We check continuously external certifying bodies annu ally that our systems are working well Nothing is set in stone and if necessary corrections are made Ever since our early pioneering days the blessing of organised conduct has been our most precious asset This dispassionate rationality sometimes feels bureaucratic even prim and dreary How ever it gives us the certainty that we are making progress

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