40 Our management approach 3 Our tools As a company we aspire to play an active role in shaping a positive and sustain able process of environmental social and economic development We go beyond the approach of mere avoidance or minimisation of ecological and societal impact Also we go beyond legal and normative requirements Our integrated management approach applies in an overarching way to all key quality and sustain ability matters across the entire group It is based on definitive interna tional norms and standards see page 38f IMS and Seals of approval that are implemented within the management system and the Lebensbaum Partner System see page 44f In this Sustainability Report we present the results of our work on our manage ment system on the key aspects of sustainability and areas of activity in a comprehen sive fashion Corporate policy The corporate policy forms the basis of our processes and guidelines governed in our management system It also forms the basis of the code of conduct that governs our purchasing operation and the structuring of our partnerships We have published our corporate policy on pages 194 195 The current corporate policy including the fundamental guidelines for dealing with several material aspects was revised and adopted in 2015 in standardised form for the whole group Supplementing the corporate policy the basic principles that apply in the company are set out more precisely in continuative guidelines They have been defined and enhanced over several years in processes of coordination involving the affected members of staff These guidelines include the social policy guidelines and basic management principles and extend all the way to a series of specific company agreements anti corruption guidelines and our core brand values are explicitly defined The same applies to the code of conduct for suppliers which prescribes for instance adherence to ecological standards and the avoidance of child labour and or forced labour see page 44f Materiality assessment We determine the actual and potential impact of our business operations through a number of different methods that we bring together based on fixed criteria in a regularly updated materiality assessment see page U3f These methods include process analyses stakeholder surveys and dialogue evaluation of product life cycle analyses evaluation of external studies and publica tions and risk assessments and analyses We consolidate the issues mapped out in the materi ality assessment into core areas of activity For each of these individual areas we set ourselves fundamental strategic objectives and based on these define concrete operational targets Both the strategic and operational goals are annually reviewed and where applicable added to or adapted see page 168ff

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