43 New certificate shows how fairly a company conducts its business overall It s a common practice for companies to have just a few products in their entire portfolio certified Being a bit fair is good enough for them The certification agency Kiwa International Cert GmbH has launched a new system that not only examines working conditions at a food company s location but also its entire purchasing management process To receive certification a company must prove that it systematically purchases raw materials under fair conditions The certificate thus pro vides a realistic picture of how fair a company s business practices are overall During the development phase of this new certificate Lebensbaum took on the role of a spar ring partner This was why the pilot certification was also carried out with Lebensbaum in 2017 It worked and the system was viable The follow up audit took place in 2018 commencing the regular certification cycle Kiwa now conducts annual audits at both Lebensbaum locations SOZIAL NACHHALTIG FAIR

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