41 Effectiveness The management team evaluates the effectiveness of our management system each year based on a series of performance indicators many of which are set out in this report Internal and external audits stakeholder feedback and other information sources which are brought together in annual performance reports also form the basis for the evaluation Various internal reports issued on a monthly or quarterly basis additionally enable interim checking of the company s development Within the framework of the management system work is done on enhancements new targets are formu lated and projects launched wherever necessary and expedient We do not however link our objectives to any incentive mechanisms To see how we were doing in terms of sustainability during the reporting period 2013 15 we also had our performance externally audited via participation in benchmarking studies and contests such as the Corpo rate Responsibility Index the German CSR Award and the German Sustainability Award see page 26ff Processes Specifications objectives Company divisions Specialist departments Senior specialist staff External partners External experts Translation into processes responsibilities Approval provision of resources by MD Implementation in everyday routine Audit

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