44 RELIABILITY On time delivery Secure transport Openness honesty Implementation of measures for improvement Transparency throughout the supply chain QUALITY Organic cultivation Membership in farming associations Laboratory testing Hygiene Quality management systems Food safety The raw materials grown for us in source countries are generally harvested only once a year There is no second chance Yet drought flooding or pests can lead to reduced yields and diminished quali ty In organic agriculture even neighbouring farm ers can be a determining factor Sometimes we have to reject whole batches due to water pol lution or spray drift although the organic farm er did everything right Our Partner System helps us identify suppliers across the globe who know how to master such complex challenges and who are willing to enter into a long term quality based partnership with us Fully 100 percent of our sup pliers and service providers are members of our Partner System Even before the first sack of raw materials reaches us we gain a broad and in depth understanding of a potential supplier through a se ries of 60 key questions The Lebensbaum Partner System We collate the information to obtain a complete picture This holistic perspective is relevant for us because in our experience sharing sim ilar values with respect to quality as well as environmental and social responsibility is essential for long term cooperation This shared vi sion is an integral part of our code of conduct which all Lebensbaum suppliers commit to in writing We see our partnership with more than 70 suppliers of raw materials as a continual process of coordination and improvement Our purchas ers and quality control officers regularly visit our suppliers Cooper ation with our suppliers is reviewed every year not only by our Pur chasing department but also by our Quality Assurance and Sustaina bility and Environmental Management departments If necessary we then set improvement targets together with our suppliers Working in close coordination on many levels is the essence of our quality part nerships and forms the basis of our preventive strategy for the ben efit of nature and humans all along the supply chain This is how we cope with the vicissitudes of nature And it s how we ve been stock ing shelves with the finest organic quality since 1979 3 Our tools

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