43 something critical to one another on occasion And that s precisely the key feature of a friend ly relationship Buttering someone up is not always friendship Honesty is friendship As a basic principle however I am not involved in Lebensbaum s certification processes to be on the safe side I have no influence on them How do you see the increased public interest in where food comes from I think it s good that greater transparency is being cre ated indeed has to be created In principle this trend towards looking critically at food is important But we have to be careful not to overdo things and generate disproportionate price increases with nonsensical resi due research to four decimal places Or make any un founded accusations That s what spreads false distrust Let s take a look into the future what does it hold for certification bodies At the moment there are too many auditing bodies The competition is leading to pressure on prices and given the work we do that is simply not appropriate The tendency towards undercutting prices in certifica tion is leading to unacceptable losses in quality If some certification agencies are doing the inspections at their desk because out of a need to survive or a greed for profit they quoted such a cheap price that it won t cover real physical inspections then that is simply irresponsible I anticipate a concentration of agencies in the future In Germany we will no longer have 20 different auditing bodies as we do today In that respect it would be good if the full potential of emerging synergies were taken advantage of It would be bad if the large certifiers moved too far away from the origin of our task Then we ll get a certification industry like they have in the US I can see that already in many cases and I find that rather worrying Organic farming is a holistic concept and certification must be geared towards this Eco friendly product development There are lots of fantastic colourful products in this world Many have lovely elaborate packaging others are more modest Sometimes they are natural products sometimes they are stuffed full of everything the food chemicals indus try has to offer There is a great number of possibilities We decided in the very beginning to make good honest products No flavourings or other additives but rather 100 organic For us that also means that our products have to be environmentally compatible Today that includes packaging materials free of any genetic engineering compostable film and much more We consider environmental compatibility from the very start whenever a new product is being developed If annual sales of a product reach a figure of 100 000 and more every detail no matter how small has a big effect This attention to detail in the interest of sustainability is something on which we have always focussed Neverthe less in 2015 we incorporated the decisive aspects into our product development process as well This was a key deci sion as it ensures that even in a fast growing company their vital role is maintained Besides there will always be new developments that are not yet part of our process regulations or cannot be that easily defined Our environmental and sustainability management system which is integrated into the process additionally keeps a close eye on that

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