46 3 Our tools 18 years of environmental management A new look at everything After 18 years of environmental management it is fair to say that it has become part of our everyday routine Perhaps in some areas so much that occasionally a fresh perspective was lacking Thus the introduction of an environmental management system in accordance with the European Union s EMAS standard at our roasting house on the Gronau site part of the group since 2011 has benefitted us in two ways Firstly environmental protection is now done on a systematic basis in Gronau Sec ondly it has enabled us to take a fresh look at our system in Diepholz And lo and behold we discovered areas of potential for enhancement We immedi ately started to implement the possible improvements The experience in environmental management that we were able to gain for over 18 years was invaluable when it came to installing the system in Gronau However the fact that our environmental management system has come of age does not mean that it is perfect The new system in Gronau was a challenge to the tried and tested system in Diepholz and inspired it to achieve new levels of performance We shall utilise this interplay in the future as well in order to further refine the system

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 50
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