48 Between Christmas and New Year new company software In Diepholz on 31 December 2015 the switch was flicked our new company software went live The final preceding tests had put us in confident mood and the first few routine jobs like moving stock in out and around the warehouse continued to work faultlessly with the new system as did stock picking as well It was thus possible for the new working year to begin smoothly on 4 January 2016 No significant glitches or outages as so often occur when switching over systems arose Day one had been preceded by two years of intensive work Introducing new company software is like putting a complete train onto new tracks with a new gauge Even though it still is a train its most critical part has been changed its running gear which carries everything else Raw materials purchases customer orders stock levels and key performance indicators relating to social and environmental standards it all gets mapped in the new company software The old software dating from 1999 had become long in the tooth and no longer suited our now larger company Too many sub systems and thus interfaces had been added since its introduction So in spring of 2014 the project to replace the old software began Two members of staff worked exclusively on the conversion while another 20 key users were intensively involved alongside their day to day work The effort was worth it using the new integrated software we are able to fluently map every process from the field all the way to the shelf That s possible because most of the sub systems and associated interfaces became redun dant Fewer interfaces mean fewer potential sources of error better data quality and thus greater transparency Despite long value chains our control of the business is precise and flexible thanks to the new software 3 Our tools

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