50 In coffee roasting three factors are key to good results the tempera ture the roasting time and the roasting technique Our coffee beans are heated by a stream of hot air convection heat which allows for very even and precise roasting Con ventional drum roasters are much less precise because the metal drum remains hot and continues roasting the beans even after the temperature has been reduced We are all familiar with this phenomenon from our own kitchens where cookers with electric rings cool off much slower than those with gas rings for example In the past two years we invested around two mil lion euros in new roasting equipment at our Gro nau location The new roaster is much more ener gy efficient than its predecessor Waste heat gen erated during the roasting process is immediately used to preheat the next batches of raw coffee beans Due to this technical trick and other improvements the new roaster consumes 28 percent less energy and reduc es CO 2 emissions by 26 percent According to the EU Com mission s EMAS our coffee roastery exemplifies best environ mental practice We chose to invest in this roasting technique not only for environmental rea sons but also because the new equipment has significantly improved roasting quality Using waste heat to preheat the raw coffee beans means that they all start roasting at the same temperature Since our warehouse is not air condi tioned we naturally have much warmer coffee beans on mild or hot days than during the winter The starting temperature of the beans significantly deter mines how long they must be roasted however Now that the beans always start out at the same temperature our roast masters achieve far more con sistent results The new roaster also offers more ways to program detailed individual roast pro files The roasting curve or how hot the coffee beans should be at every point in time and how long they should be roasted can be planned much better than before The constant starting temperature and the ability to configure individ ual roast profiles also make it much easier to reproduce roasting processes If anyone now has the impression that modern coffee roasting can be performed by amateurs with a simple press of a button they couldn t be more wrong De spite all these technical innovations perfect results still require the profound experience of our artisan roast masters Our roaster economical and precise 3 Our tools

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