49 The building blocks principle When we began with the construction of our new company building in Diepholz in 2001 we gave careful consideration to our needs At that time we had 56 employees We had no idea back then that within ten years they would be joined by a further 100 people However as we had already experienced often enough how buildings can quickly become too small for us we built with an eye to the future This meant that we built in such a way that as and when necessary certain sections of a building can be easily extended We would not exactly call our main company building a Lego house but it is possible to think of the conversion in 2009 when we added on a new hall for tea production along similar lines remove rear wall add on hall job done In 2015 we expanded our raw materials warehouse by 1 815 pallet places using the same principle and thus doubled the floor space Our new building in 2001 was already designed to be as sustainable as possible in energy terms We naturally do not wish to brag but our insu lation back then was so far ahead of its time that we are easily able to ful fil today s insulation standards without any retrospective improvements Whenever possible the materials we use in our construction projects are renewables Our huge wooden roof beams are an impressive example of this We took the opportunity in the case of both conversions to integrate clever new technology in 2009 that was the geothermal energy system Powered by green electricity it utilises the temperatures prevailing at depths of 100 metres below ground to heat our production building in the winter and to cool it down in the summer Since the system when first deployed the highest capacity system in Lower Saxony has been in use our production operation has been running on a carbon neutral basis On the 2015 extension of the raw materials warehouse we immediately had solar panels fitted Why did we not do this earlier For structural reasons The panels would simply have been too heavy for the old hall

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