50 3 Our tools Two key factors are decisive for a good roasting result the roasting time and the method used for heating the coffee beans We heat the beans in a hot air stream convection heat which enables us to roast them evenly and precisely Conventional drum roasters are much more sluggish in this regard because as soon as the temperature is reduced the hot drum continues to heat the beans In everyday domestic life we are familiar with this phenomenon from a stove s hot plate which reacts much more slowly to temperature reduction than a gas hob We roast our coffee slowly and without using excessive heat inclusive of pre heating for up to 16 minutes at a maximum of 233 degrees Celsius Similar temperatures are used in the oven at home to bake a pizza In 2013 we invested around two million euros in new roasting technology a roaster that uses considerably less energy than its predecessor We re use the waste heat created during the roasting process to immediately pre heat the subsequent batches of raw coffee As a result of this technical trick and other improve ments the new roaster consumes 28 less energy and cuts down on CO 2 by 26 In combination with investments in more efficient com pressors our energy consumption and emission levels are down by as much as 40 compared to 2012 New roaster cuts down on CO2 by 26 and works very evenly

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