It all started with a sense of loss In 1979 Lebensbaum founder Ulrich Walter began to notice that good artisanal food was increasingly being crowded out by industrial progress Having grown up in the country he knew his way around baking bread making preserves and home butchering and decided not to put up with this change So Ulrich Walter opened an organic shop It sold good food from the region and served cake and even beer in the small adjoining café But it was impossible to find organic tea coffee and spices He started searching and after some success began making a few products himself Over the years the organic shop evolved into a production operation Today the goal of producing good honest food is part of the mission of the Lebensbaum brand You can find out more about what it means to produce good food on the following pages Plus you ll learn a thing or two about our customers Or perhaps we should call them our fellow travellers After all we share the same passion for the finest organic quality

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