54 4 1 Products 4 Finest organic quality The best from the basics Experienced travellers know to limit their baggage to the essentials As the au thor John Steinbeck wrote Never go travelling without salt and coffee Per sonally we would extend this list of must haves to include tea and perhaps the odd spice or two When you re in the business of supplying items that people can t do without attention and care are the order of the day Although tea coffee and spices might seem like simple products you have to select the best They can be refi ned but never doctored or adulterated Our well developed artisanal roasting process lets us tease out more than 1 000 flavours from coffee So we have absolutely no need of additives like caramelised sugar And a fruit tea made from luscious berries is tasty enough without added flavourings if the quality is right and it has enough time to infuse properly This is why our purity principle is very clear no flavourings no additives no flavour enhancers Instead we showcase the hand selected quality of our in gredients Read on to find out more

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