55 Products Seasonings from shakers and tins The times when salt was used to preserve food like salted meat or salted herring are long gone However a completely salt free life would truly not be worth its salt All Lebensbaum products whose names include the word salt do contain salt of course Seasoned salts contain herbs and spices mixed with salt Like pure salt they are to be used sparingly With the exception of the curry powders there is also some salt in the exotic mixtures of our Explorers Finest range in the small tins This makes it easier for our customers to use them For example they don t also have to reach for the salt shaker when they are making a marinade or salad dressing Seasoning mixes Gewürzzubereitung are de fined by German law as products that are made of at least 60 percent pure herbs and spices Howev er aside from salt we do not have any use for the additives which are permitted under this definition None of our spices contain any sort of flavourings anti caking agents yeast extracts or other additives Hardly any seasoning is as polarising as salt Some people put it on everything others avoid it completely As always the right path lies somewhere in the middle The body needs salt but in moderation While in earlier times it was a precious com modity high in price and highly taxed today salt is so cheap that it seems to end up everywhere often in excess Lebensbaum herbs and spices in the small bags have always been salt free that is to say since 1979 The only things al lowed in those bags are unadulterated dried plant matter leaves roots seeds and fruits Our customers can select be tween some 90 salt free individual spices and spice blends And mixes are where salt frequently lurks The product designation can tell you if there is something be sides herbs and spices in the mixture In Germany for exam ple the designation Gewürzmischung spice blend means that the package really only contains flavourful plant matter as required by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture All seven Lebensbaum curry powders in bags and tins are also pure spice blends by the way Salt is commonly added to curry powder but we think it is superfluous especially if the curry is then used to season already salty sausages Salt free since 1979

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