56 We have been guided by our purity principle since 1979 Whether coffee tea or spices our products never contain flavourings flavour enhancers or additives And we haven t wasted our time trying to come up with a justification for this we simply love the delicious taste of nature Like the zesty flavour of a spring flush black tea from Darjeeling Or the malty taste of a good Assam tea What hasn t been done to these fine teas in the name of flavour A dollop of cherry banana flavouring is simply thrown in without a second thought turning some thing special into something ordinary Some people are infatuated with the creativity that the flavours industry brings to its test tubes But why gild the lily of a good tea We invest a lot of care in the selection of the raw materials that go into our teas coffees and spices so we don t need to use additional flavourings With one exception our cold pressed essential oils of bergamot lemon and orange They may count as flavourings under German flavouring regulations but for us they are indis pensable natural ingredients and the only additives we allow ourselves And only be cause like a good olive oil these pure oils are produced entirely mechanically and without any additives After all what would an Earl Grey tea be without the bergamot Unfortunately nowadays the real oil is only very rarely used to flavour this sort of tea Perhaps because as a natu ral product it is subject to harvest related fluctuations So a refined palate is required to blend the tea Despite this challenge we remain committed to the unique taste of genuine bergamot oil Because we know it s worth the effort 4 Finest organic quality Purity principle No ifs No buts No artificial

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