54 The best from the basics When packing travellers stick to the essentials As the author John Steinbeck wrote Never go travelling without salt and coffee Personally we d extend the list of travel must haves to include tea and perhaps the odd spice or two Respect and diligence are the order of the day if you re in the business of supplying indispensable products Tea coffee and spices you need to select the best from the basics Refine them a little if you want but never distort them We tease more than 800 aromas out of our coffee using a sophisticated roasting procedure Mixed in extras like caramel sugar are utterly superfluous here A fruit tea made from tasty berries can also cope fine without flavourings if the quality is right and you let it infuse for the right length of time Our purity principle therefore combines the following non negotiable rules no flavourings additives or aromas Instead we let selected qualities take pride of place Read on to find out more 4 1Products 4 Finest organic quality

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