57 Mr Seibold you supply herbs and rare vegetables to top chefs across Germany What does it take to successfully grow herbs Herbs are very delicate It starts with where they are cul tivated If a plant feels good where it s growing belongs there and sends down deep roots then you get a completely different sort of mineralisation and variety of flavours It s best to let an herb do everything itself What does that mean Artificial fertilisers dilute the flavour Fertilisers are nu trient salts If you use a lot of fertiliser the plant says oh but now I need a lot of water to balance out the salt Ultimately you re fertilising the plant so that it absorbs a lot of water And then you get a big plant that con tains a lot of nitrogen and water But that doesn t work for high end restaurants The carrot doesn t have to be big the taste sensation has to be concentrated in order to achieve the desired effect Marko Seibold Gardener to chefs specialist for heirloom vegetables and herbs Does that apply to herbs as well It s even more extreme when it comes to herbs The wa ter is dried out and what s left is the dry matter and the flavour If it doesn t contain any flavour then the spice just dries down to nothing That s how herbs are they don t reveal their essence until the very end The number of varieties has been decreasing for years Doesn t the restaurant industry value variety The variety determines about 80 percent of what lat er lands on your plate in terms of flavour or taste So of course it s important to cooks as well That s why it s so vexing when there are fewer varieties available Peo ple have tried to make everything a monoculture Only one variety because it s easier because the variety is licensed because the variety is glyphosate resistant and easy to process technically speaking And with all of these requirements you lose the original quality Be cause people produce more and more cheaply But qual ity can t be cheap it doesn t work that way Is that mindset reserved for top chefs No we live in a meritocracy and good food boosts performance This is especially true when the food has been organically grown And that in turn benefits nature Products A POT OF TEA WITH

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