Products 55 Just because something is new that doesn t mean that it s instantly better than something that s been around for a long time Pumpernickel heavy slightly sweet rye bread tastes just as good today as it did 400 years ago It s a genuine classic which has been a hit right from the start Good Morning Tea and Evening Dream have not existed for quite as long as good old black bread but they are 30 years old As such they ve well and truly earned their place as classics in our Lebensbaum product range Origi nally only produced as loose teas and then a little later in tea bag form they continue to delight tea drinkers in the morning and evening Good Morning Tea has a pleasant herbal taste And although it packs quite a punch it doesn t immediately floor you in the morning Instead it slowly pre pares a tea drinker for the day ahead This job is done with the help of sweet fennel and delicate strawberry leaves along with many other ingredients Then in the evening when our taste buds have been stimulated all day and are slowly but surely winding down there s room for something a little stronger This is the perfect moment for Evening Dream to make its entrance with its tart and soothing aroma Hops supply the slightly bitter notes lav ender a tangy sweetness and sage a bright spiciness These days as in the past both classics are available both as loose tea and in bags But we ve seen the light regarding bag size Good Morning Tea and Evening Dream are simply not the kind of teas that you buy in small quan tities Big teas deserve big bags Good Morning Tea Evening Dream Products

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