58 Only genuine with organic logo inspection body Nowadays almost everyone is familiar with the Eu ropean organic logo after all it s been mandatory for every organic product since 2010 What most people don t know however is that the logo itself is only valid when the code number of the inspection body is also included This identifier consists of the country code two letters a designation for organic cultivation three letters and a three digit reference number In our case DE ÖKO 001 This stands for the German inspection body Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie GmbH In addition an organic product label must name where the ag ricultural raw materials composing the product were cultivated So if single ingredients mono products or listed ingredients mixtures only originate from a single country then the name of the country is given for example produced in Mexico More frequently in the case of mixtures EU or non EU agricul ture or a combination of EU non EU agriculture will be indi cated In other words if you come across a product that bears an organic logo but none of the other required information you have a right to be sceptical Our classics Born in the 1980s Some Lebensbaum products have been around from day one or maybe day two At the very beginning in 1979 our focus was on the organic shop A bit later at the start of the 1980s came our process ing operations in other words what we know as Lebensbaum today Back then we used the very few organic raw materials that were avail able to launch our first products An amazing number of them can still be found in our product range today see p 60 f They have prov en to be indispensable for our customers making them what we to day call classics It takes more than luck to make a classic you need a lot of work perseverance and attention to detail But it s not something you can plan it takes time to become timeless Classics form the backbone of our product range with a lot of move ment around them New products bring a fresh breath of air into our portfolio and keep our classics on their toes Tea It all started with dried herbs for tea At first just single herbs like nettle leaves thyme pep permint and centaury these taste better than it sounds Then we had the idea of producing our own herbal tea blends just like Grandmother used to make After some experimentation the first blend we launched was our House Tea A robust tasty herb al infusion that also helps fight a scratchy throat or a slight cough and is otherwise a good tea for the whole family Our House Tea was not only the first herbal tea blend offered by Lebensbaum but also the first organ ic herbal tea blend ever in Germany Our customers loved it then and still do now It was followed by Good Morning Tea Evening Dream and Citronella All of which are still around today 4 Finest organic quality

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