57 Ms Buchecker there are barely any flavours which couldn t be produced artificially in a test tube Why should we offer natural foodstuffs The use of artificial aromas has really exploded over the last few years This is often accompanied by a high sugar and fat content in flavoured foodstuffs The frequency of allergic reactions has increased tremen dously This is why there s been a lot of critical discus sion about products which contain lots of additives So customers need to make a conscious choice about what they want to consume Yes precisely What you can see now is the market dividing up on the one hand we have very cheap foodstuffs and on the other high quality foodstuffs often organic The organic industry was a pioneer They were the first to say We ll do it without aromas Companies like Lebensbaum Those are natural foodstuffs Is a natural foodstuff better per se In principle our bodies are evolutionarily designed to consume natural foodstuffs So why do customers accept these additives and the associated problems Flavoured foodstuffs have a more intense taste than natural ones The receptors for discerning flavours are located in the nose and they grow accustomed to them As time goes by consumers want more and the A pot of tea with Kirsten Buchecker Sensory researcher at ttz Bremerhaven Technologie Transfer Zentrum industry responds by adding higher dosages of flavour ings to its products On a sensory level this leads to flavoured foodstuffs becoming more and more artificial And we end up no longer liking strawberries from the field That s right At least not when they are used in processed foodstuffs such as yoghurt or tea And what s even worse is that you lose the ability to pick up on nuances The shades all blur into one If you want someone to taste strawberry or vanilla you have to beat them over the head with it We lose our sensory capacities Isn t that dangerous Yes you lose the ability to distinguish between things If there s something wrong with a foodstuff you might no longer be able to notice it A natural flavour might even taste artificial to you Sounds like a cruel fate to befall natural products You can t compensate for fluctuations in quality by adding artificial ingredients The right varieties the harvest date careful processing storage all these things then have their part to play You absolutely have to select good raw materials because you can t cut corners That is more honest vis a vis the consumers Fortunately the current discussion about adding flavourings to foodstuffs kicked off at the insistence of the organic sector is leading to flavourings being reduced or completely done away with in some groups of foodstuffs such as milk products Products

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