59 Spices Our Salad Spice Mix was one of our first spices Since organic food was also all about raw food and vegetables it was of course a suitable seasoning It later evolved into our Salad Spice Mix a fresh blend of herbs with a tasty hint of dill that is also delicious in creamy dips Our Herbes de Provence a kitchen classic in and of itself has been around for a similarly long time And our Pizza Spice Mix came along a bit later Aside from these blends individual herbs and spices like basil rosemary and caraway seeds have been around from the very start Coffee In our early years coffee was more of a political statement than a gourmet product Which is why Nicaraguan coffee was popular people wanted to do good and support the new government after the long dicta torship ended The taste was a secondary consideration But at some point more varieties of organic coffee became available and after a few detours Lebensbaum Demeter Coffee was ready to pour This coffee is still around today from the same coffee estate in the Mexican state of Chiapas But to day it s called Plantation Coffee It was followed some ten years later by an other classic coffee our Gourmet Coffee the first organic coffee sold in a 500 gram package Despite all the classics in our product range we introduce new products every year Striking the right balance between current trends and tried and tested products between variety and excess this is the fine art of putting together a product range And we ve been refining it for more than 40 years Products

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