1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 2019 59 Products Gourm et Coffee Seafood Seasoning Rainbow Pepper Barbecue Spice M ix Fennel Tea for Babies Classics Our House Tea or Demeter Plantation Coffee have been part of our product range for years We view these products as classics because they have proved indispensable to our customers Coming up with a classic has nothing to do with luck Rather what s called for is work perseverance and an eye for detail But you can t plan everything from start to finish A product needs time to become timeless Classics form the pillars of our range with a hive of activity buzzing all around them New products challenge the classics and keep the range on its toes Striking the right balance be tween reflecting the Zeitgeist and stubbornly sticking to tried and tested products as well as walking the tightrope between variety and superfluousness this is the fine art of putting together a product range to which we ve been committed for more than 35 years Innovation rate House Tea Seasoned Salt Gourmet Coffee these are classics that we d hate to do without That said we re always happy to try something new Sometimes we might discover a great new raw material Other times we hit upon an idea for a lovely tea or spice blend Some years give rise to heaps of new products Oth er years it s only a few In 2013 for example we introduced four different curry powder blends in Demeter quality At that time the share of our new products measured against the annual sales stood at 6 5 2014 celebrated amongst other things the arrival of our Tea Masterpieces 4 7 The twelve spice blends from the Explorers Finest range and the new tea range Regional Gems are amongst the products which came on the market in 2015 The share of new products in the total sales rose to 5 5 that year Tom ato Seasoning Salt

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