4 Finest organic quality Lebensbaum Single origin coffees More than any other factors location and altitude shape the taste of Lebensbaum single origin coffees Let us give you two examples Ethiopia Coffee is grown for us in Yirgacheffe district in the gardens of the Bale Kara cooperative Its fruity mild flavour is brought out through light roasting And the coffee we source from the Hacienda Cincinnati in Colombia has a nutty flavour with sweet notes These differences in flavour are what make coffee so exciting But all Lebensbaum single origin coffees have three important things in common First the coffee fruits ripen slowly under shade trees This lets the coffee fully develop the special complex flavour typical to each region Second they are picked by hand This means no unripe coffee cherries are accidently harvested as well which would negatively affect the taste And third they are roasted in Germany s oldest organic roastery slowly and not too hot for up to 16 minutes at a maximum of 230 degrees Celsius This lets us release the unique flavour that good coffees bring with them from their special points of origin 62

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