60 4 Finest organic quality What makes a good meal A good meal is one which you enjoy preferably amongst friends Of the meals that remind you of your childhood which is your favourite There are many Warm Austrian pastries always went down a treat with me Early childhood shapes what we like to eat Yet in lots of nurseries and schools the primary concern is that the food be as cheap as possible How can we counter this trend We need to start appreciating good foodstuffs again and cherishing their quality Good food doesn t come for free You can t demand the best and at the same time not want to pay anything for it That doesn t work How can we familiarise children with cooking Just let them join in when you re cooking and be patient with them Every child loves that Is society s attitude towards cooking changing Where is the journey taking us We are facing a great challenge and ought to take care to ensure that cooking isn t done away with Futurologists warn that the profession of chef may no longer exist in 15 years time which is naturally also connected to what are often less attractive working conditions The industry has no interest in basic foodstuffs because otherwise we wouldn t buy any ready made products What I d love to see is people starting to cook more of their own meals again After all if you cook using fresh products you can judge quality People who don t want to cook and or can t cook have to get their food from somewhere else losing all reference to their roots and how things could and should be So food is political too Is organic produce only an issue for those who can afford it Every farmer who does irreversible damage to resourc es must be stopped We don t want less poison in our food and water What we want is none at all Human and animal health and the survival of biodiversity are not a matter of ideology rather of common sense and logic The world has to produce ecologically sound foodstuffs or it won t survive Can you cook without spices Sure Just like you can eat industrial fast food every day It s just that it has absolutely nothing to do with taste You re such a busy person How do you find the time to cook Well I have to eat so I cook too Should I ever stop needing to eat perhaps I ll stop cooking too Until then I ll enjoy being able to create things with my hands How did you find out about Lebensbaum To be honest I can t remember If I said it had always been around I d be knocking a few years off my age A pot of tea with Sarah Wiener One of Germany s best known chefs author and entrepreneur Ph ot o A nd re as F ri ed ri ch

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