61 Turn to page 89 to learn more about Demeter and biodynamic farming Demeter spice range Explorers Finest Products Who can claim to have all the spices of the Orient ready Well we can but we have to admit that our warehouse is a little more spacious than most kitchen cupboards Our spice blends from the Explorers Finest range can help you save on space They ll save you a lot of stress too because the blends make it a doddle to add authentic seasoning to gyros couscous and curries There are up to 14 ingredients in a spice blend thus forming the basis for Oriental Mediterranean or Asian Explorers Finest recipes This makes it easy to discover the different global cuisines The spice tins don t just look beautiful they re handy too the curved lid is easy to open and close You can also re use the tin You can find recipe suggestions on our website but feel free to let your imaginations run wild One more thing all spice blends from the Explorers Finest range are Demeter quality And because global cuisine is far more than just Mediterranean Oriental and Asian food our Explorers Finest range is continually expanding to encompass new regions be they near or far

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