62 When it comes to Lebensbaum s Tea Masterpieces we re all about the unique nature of taste influenced by places and seasons The teas taste tangy fruity or nutty Every tea comes from a particular growing area terroir And every tea has its own character it is not as is often the case blended with teas from other regions or countries The Tea Masterpieces stand out due to the complex quality of their fla vours It is the art of the tea master honed over thousands of years to work out what these special characteristics are and bring them together to form a harmonious whole Production involves withering steaming or roasting rolling and rolling again Always to a great level of precision but with marked variations depending on the region This produces green teas white teas or black teas It s hard to believe but the starting point is always the same camellia sinensis the genuine tea plant 4 Finest organic quality Tea Masterpieces Taste is shaped by place and time

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