64 What is important when de signing product packaging Storytelling It s about pre senting the rational char acteristics of a product in a believable and entertaining manner How can a design tell a story The Wanderlust tea series is a good example We didn t really do more than illustrate the company history of Lebensbaum in a series of snapshots In other words the search for the best ingredients the discovery of new friendships with cultivation partners The pioneering spirit We didn t just build it around the name Wan derlust but first and foremost around images that are moments along the path of this journey Nils R Zimmermann Creative Director of Studio Chapeaux which designed the new Wanderlust tea series Organic products are objects of great complexity Isn t there a danger that important information will be crowded out by all those pretty pictures As a first step at least design can provide visually striking information This is one of the major func tions of design today to visually compress extreme ly complex content and different product features in such a way that they can be quickly grasped This is done in two ways First by making the informa tion easy to locate and comprehend In the case of Wanderlust teas we made the list of ingredients on the right side of the box over proportionately large so it catches the eye So everyone can read it right away The deeper message is we have nothing to hide and are proud of the ingredients in this tea Second we designers use learned visual codes to represent complex topics A POT OF TEA WITH 4 Finest organic quality

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