63 Products Price transparency what s in your bag People keep asking what a coffee farmer actually receives from us and who gets what from the price of a bag of coffee Naturally this varies from product to product depending on the coffee s provenance or quality In order to give you a clearer idea of things we ve come up with mean values for all Lebensbaum coffees and summarised them below Did you know For every kilo of roasted coffee we need to roast around 1 200 grams of green coffee This is due to the loss of moisture which occurs during the roasting process 26 Coffee farmers For the green coffee 20 Taxes etc Including coffee tax with 2 19 euros kilo roasted coffee 7 VAT certifications licences insurance etc 24 Lebensbaum For roasting filling packaging freighting product development marketing sales staff costs storage laboratory analysis etc 30 Trade Wholesaling storage logistics promotional material transport etc retail storage store rental costs staff costs etc

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