64 It s only a genuine Lebensbaum product if it carries the logo You don t have to turn the box around to find out how many tea bags are inside The number s printed on the front Printed on the front and on the side is the kind of tea it is herb al fruit tea black tea or even a mixture The list of ingredients is also printed on one side of our tea boxes We provide you with what s known as a full decla ration This means every single ingredient is named even though the Food Information Regulation stipulates that this is not re quired for compound ingredients amounting to less than 2 of the product So with us you ll see individual spices instead of spice blend mentioned on the packaging That way it s plain to see what s in each product The product name isn t just on the front You can find it on the sides and reverse side too There s also a cup with the original product on the front view so you can see straightaway what you re buying Bags with loose tea also have a viewing window through which you can see the product directly Under the cup you can find a brief taste description With spices this is where the intended use is stated On the bottom next to our address there are also all of the important labels on packaging and more Left to right The glass and fork are an EU label which indicates that an object in this case the packag ing is suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs Followed by Green Dot JAS Japanese organic label and the FSC certificate which proves that the virgin wood fibres for our packaging derive from sustainable forest management 4 Finest organic quality The first thing with which you come face to face when you enter an organic grocery store are the colourful exteriors of the many types of packaging But behind the pretty faces of Lebensbaum prod ucts lies so much more You can find a lot of information on all sides stories all about the product ingredients preparation instructions and much more besides Each product comes with its own spe cific information tea provides tips on how to prepare it coffee includes a bean scale which shows how strong the coffee is spices have information on what they are suited for Pictured here by way of illustration is a box of tea bags More than just a pretty face

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