65 With the quality guarantee we re not just specifying what s important to us and what is already a given for our products We also need to offer a bench mark What do we mean by this Well everything we claim here we need to be able to prove That way it s not just beautiful rhetoric but rather solid facts that apply to all Lebensbaum products Detailed information on the packaging materials We print both the German and European organic label The inspec tion body which monitors our organic certification is also listed as is the country from which the raw materials originate In the case of mixtures or blends we indicate here whether these come from Europe or not An exact list would be too long and also complicat ed because we have several suppliers for specific raw materials and would therefore have to change the information regularly The big e next to the net weight is called an estimated sign It proves that the product was produced according to the Pre Packaging Regulation FPackV part of German food legislation This contains rules on for example the tolerable negative error for the net weight in the case of the tea box shown here it s up to 9 as well as the stipulation that the scales which check the weight of the product must be calibrated Preparation instructions are on the side in both written form and as a set of clear pictographs water temperature quantity per cup and infusion time The con tents of the packaging are also given as the number of tea bags per box and weight per tea bag Individual information and stories about the product Only for tea bags info about the company Products

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