68 The customer is king No thank you Those who make their customer king do him no favours in two respects Firstly as is customary at court he does not get to hear the truth and is instead fobbed off with pat service phrases or sent down rabbit holes by impersonal call centre staff Left lonely weak and uninformed he is eventually resigned to his sad fate as king Secondly those who make their customer king pass all responsibility onto the poor sovereign The sanctimonious line we are only giving the customer what he wants is an attempt at justification but just demonstrates a lack of responsibility Our customer is not king Rather we prefer to imagine him as a responsible gourmet He makes deliberate choices so he wants to be well informed In many cases he has been with us since the early years of Lebensbaum He shares our opinion that food is only worth something if it is good for nature and people He is discerning and highly opinionated making him the perfect candidate for the fruitful if sometimes heated dialogue we aim for Thoughts are circulated and ideas passed on ending up in the test kitchen or quality lab or filtering through to our suppliers fields Dear Lebensbaum customer you are no king to us However you may hold your head all the higher as you have chosen Lebensbaum freely and responsi bly based on extensive information We cannot overemphasise how much we appreciate this decision we consider it confirmation of the value of our work Above all however we consider it a call to continue our development 4 2Customers 4 Finest organic quality

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 72
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