70 4 Finest organic quality A customer Not a king Anyone who elevates their customers to the status of kings is doing them an injustice in two ways First in accordance with the customs of the royal court you ll never be able to tell your kings unpleasant truths instead you ll have to try to pacify them with empty service phrases or exile them to the wastelands of impersonal call centres In the end lonely dull and ignorant they ll sadly resign themselves to being kings Second by turning your customers into kings you are placing all the responsibility onto these poor crowned heads Innocently claiming that We re only doing what the customer wants might pretend to be a justification but it s really an abdication of responsibility Our customers are not kings Instead we like to think of them as responsible individuals who savour their food and drink They select products with deliberation so they like to be well informed Many of them have been with us since the early days of Lebensbaum They share our conviction that food is only good if it s good for both nature and human beings They are opinionated critical thinkers offering us everything we could wish for in terms of fruitful occasionally spirited dialogue Dear Lebensbaum customers you are not kings But you can hold your heads high be cause you have done your research and made an independent and responsible decision to purchase Lebensbaum products We cannot honour this decision highly enough We see it as a confirmation of the value of our work And above all we see it as a call to push onward rapidly to continue to evolve as a company in a meaningful way 4 2 Customers

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