69 Customers Definition customer Our customers are the industry customers for whom we produce the wholesalers and organ ic grocery store owners who resell our products and also every single tea drinker curry powder fan and espresso lover with Lebensbaum prod ucts on their kitchen shelf We use the term cus tomer to denote all of these both in this report and our everyday language as they are all on a par and of equal importance to us Customer proximity we know each other Proximity to our customers was a given in Lebensbaum s early years in particular The organic scene was small and everyone knew one another It s not surprising that these ties should loosen with increasing growth and the suc cess of the organic movement Remaining close to our customers in spite of this is an essential part of the suc cess of our company This starts at a micro level emails from consumers whether complimentary or critical are all fed through to management as well We get important feedback on product innovations by regularly surveying our customers and readers of our company magazine Der Lebensbaum The representative poll of organic consumers across Germany which we conducted in the reporting period also turned up inter esting findings for us the Lebensbaum brand is one of the best loved organic brands but still has room to improve in terms of unprompted brand aware ness Lebensbaum has an exceptionally high proportion of brand loyal con sumers i e customers who have tried a Lebensbaum product and then bought it again and again after that Unprompted surveys on brand awareness determine how well certain brands are recalled without helpful hints A typical question in such a survey might be Which organic brands are you familiar with

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