70 4 Finest organic quality Ms Bock Famulla what do you drink tea or coffee Tea Loose or in tea bags White tea from Lebensbaum or the jasmine tea In a pot I have quite a stressful job I think it s lovely to sit in the garden with a cup of tea The tea bolsters this moment of reflection But I also drink green tea for health reasons I have really looked into nutrition in some detail and I know the positive effects ascribed to green tea First Lebensbaum encounter At least 20 years ago I have always used Lebensbaum spices I have also been very much into Ayurveda Spices and their varying effects play a big role in that Do you cook a lot Yes at lunchtime and in the evenings Without prepared mixes when I somehow find the time so that I know exactly what is going into the food Are you familiar with the Lebensbaum purity principle Yeeeeeeeees drawn out I saw it something I read it That s my attitude products should be offered in their purest form if at all possible rather than something like frozen spinach from the supermarket which has wheat in it and sugar Do you sometimes conjure up unusual concoctions with spices Yes But there s also only so much you can do when you have teenage children I do try out exotic things for my husband and myself We know people in Asia they have completely different approaches to spices there again Let s say your mother in law has invited you over Would you take her a Lebensbaum product I like to give presents that I m familiar with As I have had very positive experiences with Lebensbaum that would make one of their products a good gift Have you ever strayed from Lebensbaum Of course I like to try out new things I am often in Berlin on business There are other ranges there and I like to see what they have Does it matter to you where a product comes from The basic philosophy and the working conditions are important to me I have been to Nepal twice and I have seen the conditions under which people farm there I want to be somewhat assured that the products I buy also have a positive effect on the people who have produced them Has Lebensbaum ever let you down No I have always been very happy Otherwise I would also let the organic grocery store know What do you think of when you hear the word Lebensbaum in English arborvitae or tree of life We have a seven metre high arborvitae tree in our garden This is where we meet when we gather together It offers protection even in the rain you can sit there and stay dry It is home to a pair of birds as well The arborvitae is important to our garden and my family So I have very positive associations with Lebensbaum Lebensbaum bestows life Kathrin Bock Famulla Lebensbaum customer since the 1990s

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