72 Your whole family is involved in the organic movement each in their own way How did that happen Willibald It all began when our eldest son developed se vere eczema We started shopping at an organic farm but were still using conventional cultivation methods on our own farm At some point we decided we could just do it ourselves Did you have to change a lot to con vert your farm to organic agriculture Willibald We built a new barn to house the organic pigs so it conformed to the standards from the start But back then you weren t required to have an exercise yard for pigs We added an outdoor area for them in 2002 and enlarged the pens How difficult was that Willibald I trained as a craftsman back in the day so I was able to do all the work myself So it was really only the cost of the materials In addition to the farm you run an organic farm shop Waltraud We don t have the shop any more We did some renovations in 2015 and we shut it down because we didn t have enough space for it anymore 4 Finest organic quality The Hirsch family of the Hirsch Bioland farm in Mallersdorf Pfaffenberg A POT OF TEA WITH

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2019 Seite 74
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