73 Customers Was the shop a success Waltraud It wasn t easy in the beginning Our village has a population of 200 and we aren t connected to public transport So there weren t any walk in customers But as word spread we had more and more customers And then there was also a general increase in the demand for organic produce But after 20 years I thought okay I ve had enough I ran the store by myself the entire time But the farm is still in operation Will one of your children take it over someday Willibald That still hasn t been decided The outlook for agriculture isn t so rosy and I don t know if I would ad vise them to go into farming Your daughter has a blog about organics Is she carrying on the organic tradition Willibald Yes she s sharing the ideas and philosophy with others How did you come up with the idea of a blog Verena As a child I didn t like growing up on a farm es pecially an organic one I was more interested in having what the other kids had But once I left home I realised that I had become used to a certain quality of food It wasn t just the organic produce in itself but also that on a farm you handle food with more respect Just what does that mean Verena I first became aware of the difference when I moved to Munich and was living in shared flats Some of my flatmates didn t care at all what they ate And they wasted a lot of food Some of them also had no idea what organic even meant This sparked my idea of writing about the topic And what are you hoping to achieve through your blog Verena I d like to convince people to spend more money on good quality food I d like to show that organic prod ucts aren t too expensive but rather that other foods are too cheap What do all of you hope for the future Willibald In our current situation I d say we have about five years of farming left If everything stays like it is now I ll be happy Waltraud We don t have any grand ambitions We are happy here in our village She laughs Of course you also hope that everything stays peaceful and that or ganic farming continues to expand Even if it sometimes leaves a bad taste in your mouth these days the entire infrastructure and organisation is no longer what it was 30 years ago But there s no stopping it anymore I guess Verena Today I was in three different supermarkets looking for fresh organic mushrooms In my opinion not a lot of people would go to that much effort Most of them would just say okay I ll buy the non organic mushrooms I wish that the general public had easy ac cess to organic products Not just in the cities but in ru ral areas as well

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