71 Customers Ms Beyer what do you drink tea or coffee Tea Loose or in tea bags It depends I use tea bags in the morning because it s quicker and saves time Then loose Almkräuter Alpine Herbs tea in the afternoon First Lebensbaum encounter Hmm Through my mobile phone I lost it at the Appletree Garden Festival in Diepholz Lebensbaum sent it back to me The package included various tea samples such as the Almkräuter tea I ve been buying Lebensbaum tea ever since Do you cook a lot Well sometimes Are you familiar with the Lebensbaum purity principle No Do you sometimes conjure up unusual concoctions with spices Yes Tomato sauce with sage Let s say your mother in law has invited you over Would you take her a Lebensbaum product I could well imagine doing so if she had no problem with organic produce I would give her the Almkräuter tea or the Wiesenkräuter Meadow Herbs tea I like that a lot as well And the Abendtraum Evening Dream I d take her those three Have you ever strayed from Lebensbaum Yes Because you can t get Lebensbaum everywhere Take Rewe for example So I buy a different organic tea there though I d prefer not to Does it matter to you where a product comes from Definitely I trust Lebensbaum in this respect that it does what it says it does But I ve also done a bit of research so I know that Lebensbaum uses lots of Demeter raw materials for example Has Lebensbaum ever let you down Noooo I hope it stays that way What do you think of when you hear the word Lebensbaum Of a company with a positive attitude that brings people and nature together Everything fits together in natural cycles That also holds well for the products Wiebke Beyer Lebensbaum customer since 2015

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 75
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