73 Post We answer every letter personally addressed to us And we reply ourselves Not always on the day of receipt but usually within a week Anyone waiting longer than this in exceptional cases should certainly enquire where their response is Email We answer emails ourselves with pleasure and in detail So we do not let ourselves be rushed by the speed of the medium You seldom have to wait longer than a week for a re sponse In complicated situations we give you an interim update A useful email contact form can be found on our website under Contact Telephone We can be reached from Monday to Friday during normal office hours Often outside of these as well But not at the weekend Why Because we answer the phones ourselves Not a call centre All issues are passed to the relevant employee If we cannot help imme diately we get back to you again Consumer service We are available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm for consumer questions regarding our products and companies You can reach the consumer service see page 76 under the telephone number 49 0 5441 9260 000 Facebook We post there infrequently but reli ably and always personally There is no social media agency posting on our behalf Often it s while we are on the go as well at the weekend or on holidays Unless we re sleeping The same holds for Twitter Pinterest We have only been part of the visual world of Pinterest since 2012 We can be found there in pictures with few words The same holds for Instagram Products We want our products to be enjoyed but also understood That is why we use our packaging to tell our customers a bit about tea coffee and so on You will find all kinds of information there from lists of ingredients and our quality guarantee to little stories about the product Website Go to www lebensbaum com see page 75 to find the latest announce ments our range of products recipes and lots of background information on our company and partners Infor mation on our roasting house can be found at www niehoff kaffee de en Customer magazine Der Lebensbaum appears four times a year Subscribers receive it in their mailbox free of charge on 1 March 1 June 1 September and 15 Novem ber At the same time it is made available in many organic grocery stores in Germany and in some cases in Switzerland Austria Luxembourg Denmark Italy and Portugal as well Sustainability Report Everything is revealed here nothing is kept hidden At least every three years The carbon neutral printed version is available on request The digital version can be read at http sustainability lebensbaum com Brochures Whether background information on our Tee Meisterwerke Tea Master pieces see page 62 a foray into the world of coffee a full summary of our products or simply a couple of tasty recipes we display brochures on many subjects in organic grocery stores And would be pleased to also send them to you on request Field sales team As our employees cannot be in all places at all times we have a small team of specialists who are deployed across Germany our field representatives see page 80 They provide advice and support to organic grocery stores and are always willing to listen to any requests and ideas or even the odd complaint Trade fairs We can be found at many large or ganic trade fairs such as BioFach Bi oNord and BioSüd The same applies here as with the post and telephone we do it ourselves No hostesses presenting visitors with information packs just genuine Lebensbaum people We also exhibit at some wholesalers in house trade fairs Tastings As Germany is a very big country with around 2 400 organic gro cery stores our field sales team cannot conduct all of the tastings themselves This is when we reach out for external help A local com pany that specialises in providing staff for tastings and with whom we have cooperated for many years helps us with this Not of course without the requisite train ing from our employees first Customers

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