74 Der Lebensbaum We have been commu nicating with customers by magazine since 1988 What began as a simple poster has been con tinuously modified and adapted down through the years We went from an A3 poster printed on one side for hanging up and an A4 version with a cross fold to an A2 poster with a cross fold With the A2 format came the name WorldTasteOpen a product of the 1990s Not all readers were happy with the new name and the format lost favour over time as well Slightly cumbersome like a daily newspaper one side would end up dipped in your morning coffee while the other would be smudged with jam from your toast It was too big for the reader and too small for us as we often had lots more to say than could fit onto the four large pages Consequently the decision was taken in January 2010 to revamp the format again creating a handy sized magazine of 21 x 27 centimetres A year later it appeared with a new format and a new look But the WorldTasteOpen name was retained like a somewhat shabby but cherished teddy bear Beauty is in the eye of the beholder But nothing ever stays the same as with the name since summer 2014 our customer magazine has been called plain and simply Der Lebensbaum Der Lebensbaum invites our customers to leaf and browse through offering delicious recipes a children s section book and handicraft tips and much more We report there sometimes in short articles sometimes longer ones on lots of things from the colourful organic world and beyond Four times a year on at least 24 pages Printed on 100 recycled paper with no mineral oils Anyone wishing to do so can display the magazine in their organic grocery store take a magazine from such a store or subscribe without charge directly via magazin lebensbaum de Of course it is delivered in a carbon neutral manner Whatever the name we look forward to each new edition we get to write After all despite all of the changes one thing always stays the same we still write it ourselves In 1988 Lebensbaum had just eight employees and was still in the early stages of its development There was already a lot to do and you produced a poster gazette Why I had to spread information We were the first organic brand for tea coffee and spices We wanted to give organic grocery stores and wholesalers a way to let their customers know about these products Do consumers of organic products want to be especially well informed They are interested They don t just want information for the sake of certainty they want to play their part At the time there was no EU Eco regulation no organic legislation and little in the way of regulation There were a lot of questions being asked in stores What has Lebensbaum to tell customers today In the past you could almost speak personally with every customer This isn t possible anymore today The magazine creates a connection We give customers information and they then write back call and ask questions I think this is even more important now in today s confusing world than in the early years People want to know where a product comes from and who are the people producing it Customers want to know am I right to go with this company Ulrich Walter Organic pioneer Lebensbaum founder entrepreneur A cup of tea with 4 Finest organic quality

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