76 Consumer service 4 Finest organic quality Direct contact is a top level matter The proximity to the market much trumpeted by medi um sized companies is down to direct contact with the cus tomer which many SME entrepreneurs are still adept at maintaining Lebensbaum founder Ulrich Walter sees all of the emails we receive from consumers And if he himself starts typing or grabs a pen to respond directly to this or that customer query this is not because he thinks the employee respon sible for this would be incapable Rather direct communi cation with our customers is actually a top priority for him He leads by example when it comes to customer dialogue And this shapes how others behave This is how a corporate culture is formed However the great number of emails let ters and telephone calls we receive on a daily basis can no longer be handled by Ulrich Walter alone But every query is responded to by a competent employee from our company Personally factually and fully We have various means at our disposal for informing our customers about Lebensbaum our customer magazine our website Facebook and the like But we cannot anticipate and answer every single thing our customers are interested in or every question which arises That is why we have the Lebensbaum consumer service qualified employees are available to answer questions of any kind every week day The consumer service can be reached from 9am to 4pm by phoning 49 0 5441 9260 000 Or via email verbraucherservice lebensbaum de The employees are specialists in nutrition and have been working for the company for many years They know Leb ensbaum inside out and can answer almost every question from the company and the composition of our products through to where we source our raw materials Sometimes more thorough research is needed within the company then they call back promptly with the answer We value this communication with our customers The questions that come up and feedback that arises from these discussions are an important way for us to find out where our customers focus lies Or how we might improve Or where we have to express ourselves more clearly in order to avoid questions and furrowed brows in the first place Some questions are seasonal For example in winter we get more queries about cinnamon Other topics arise from the latest media reports such as with respect to pyrrolizidine alkaloids Of course we are ready with support and advice on these and explain our point of view Topics that are actually always important to us and our cus tomers relate to our packaging for example can the tea bag go into the compost bin with the aluminium staple And the film around the tea box as well Can our tins and grinders be refilled The answer is Yes in each case Regarding the latter we can only offer refill products for our black and rainbow pepper grinders but our spice and tea tins are masters of versatility with their removable labels

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