77 Customers The airplane is running out of fuel but nobody tells the captain An aircraft crashed because of this in January 1990 Just 16 miles from John F Kennedy Airport in New York Half of the passengers died Hierarchical thinking combined with an outdated error management culture can lead to fatal consequences Airlines in Europe and the USA have really succeeded in bringing down the rate of human error through crew resource management particularly a culture of dealing with errors openly Such a culture is the decisive impetus for improvements outside of high risk industries as well That is why we consider customer complaints extremely valuable to enhancing our products Complaints are systematically analysed and then the relevant measures taken Precisely because of such active error management the number of complaints in the reporting period has fallen substantially compared with previous years Having always dealt with all complaints the same way since 2008 means the data can be compared Our declared goal is no more than 20 complaints per 1 million packages sold We have been achieving this goal since 2013 Our efforts have paid off What our rate of complaints has to do with an airplane crash Number of complaints 5 10 15 20 25 30 24 6 2008 27 2 2009 23 8 2010 21 1 2011 21 7 2012 14 8 2013 13 5 2014 16 1 2015 Complaints number per 1 million packages sold

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