81 An aeroplane is running out of fuel but no one tells the pilot This was the cause of a plane crash that occurred in January 1990 only 16 miles away from New York s John F Kennedy airport Half of the passengers lost their lives Hierarchical thinking combined with an outdated error management culture can have fatal consequenc es Airlines in Europe and the United States applied crew resource management programmes to significantly reduce human error above all by fostering a culture which addresses mistakes openly Even outside of high risk sectors such as aviation an open culture is an important driver of improvement For this reason we see customer complaints as an extremely valuable part of the ongoing process of product development Complaints are systematically analysed with regard to quality logistics and sales so that cor rective measures can be taken Thanks specifically to this active approach to complaint management since 2013 we have been hitting our target of no more than 20 complaints per one million packages sold Since we have been recording all complaints in the same manner since 2008 we have data sets that are easily com pared Starting in 2019 our optimised enterprise resource planning system will give the calculation of the complaint rate an additional boost The calculations will be automated but will draw on the same data as in all the previous years What do customer complaints have to do with an aeroplane crash Number of complai 5 10 15 20 25 30 24 6 2008 27 2 2009 23 8 2010 21 1 2011 21 7 2012 14 8 2013 13 5 2014 16 1 2015 14 3 2016 16 3 2017 14 2 2018 Complaints Number per one million packages sold Customers

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