82 4 Finest organic quality In the mid 1980s Ulrich and Angela Walter ran an establish ment known as Das Kleine Café The Little Café It was an organic café integrated into the Lebensbaum shop where cus tomers could enjoy ice cream and cake homemade after shopping not to mention the cosy atmosphere and the art that was on display So as café owners the Walters learned first hand what it means to be good hosts and above all what restaurateurs and caterers really need The Walters were hap py to share their experience and Lebensbaum has offered a bulk product range and expert service since its early days Today the food service industry is increasingly placing organic products on the menu We are pleased by this development and our products reflect this We offer a wide range of bulk prod ucts from seasoned salt in a 25 kilo sack to fruit tea in a one ki lo bag and coffee for vending machines In addition we can furnish many items for eco friendly restaurants and kitchens like FSC certified countertop displays for tea boxes individu ally portioned organic cane sugar and sustainable tableware Since 2017 we have operated the Lebensbaum online shop for bulk buyers where food service customers can shop round Food service à la mode the clock and order single items as well But digitalisation does not spell the end of personal contact Quite the oppo site in fact Our food service team is standing by with expert advice as needed For example the head of the team comes from a family of restaurateurs studied hotel management and worked in the food service industry for a long time in jobs ranging from waiter to managing director So he is deeply fa miliar with the needs of restaurant operators and chefs It s the difference between being on the outside looking in and having experienced something from within he says and this serves as the basis for his good advice The team visits cus tomers on site lets them try things out assists them in the selection of products and offers them pointers on usage And wherever our food service team cannot go our field sales team springs into action Since 2018 we have been a member of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA of Lower Saxony sharing our experience and lending a helping hand Furthermore we are an official supplier of Greentable an initiative for sustain ability in food service and the exclusive partner of the Bio Ho tels association of eco friendly hotels

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