80 4 Finest organic quality Our field sales team undivided attention for specialist stores It s not that we don t like to share Take cake for example That is quickly cut up into little slices When we prepare a pot of tea we re happy to hand over a cup But not our field sales team we don t share them anymore We used to have a joint team of field reps with companies we got on well with and that had worked fine But it wasn t always easy to cover the interests of sev eral companies in equal measure If there was a large number of new products for example priorities had to be set so someone was always back of the queue and the organic store owner ended up with only getting a closer look at a selection of products We now have our very own Lebensbaum team visiting organic grocery stores roaming the country from north to south and east to west And that has many advantages Employees are now more flexible for one it is much less complicated to plan your route to the various stores if you only have the needs of one company to take into account And sales promotions can also be implemented a lot quicker when they only have to be coordinated with one company All in all this means that our Lebensbaum field sales team can now visit a lot more stores more frequently and has more time on the ground Always ready with an open ear and with lots of information to hand They listen to criticism and requests give advice and help with product presentation They are also available for tastings or can find some one from our team of tasting experts if there are too many appointments At the end of the day there are more than 2 500 organic grocery stores in Germany alone So if our field sales team cannot make it to some place quite so often in spite of everything such as Austria or Switzer land our internal sales team jumps in and is ready to provide support and advice over the phone Customers in other countries such as Italy and Luxembourg are also sup ported over the phone

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