83 Customers Why do the restaurants in the Autostadt attraction in Wolfsburg season their food with Lebensbaum products Because you are a local business Your company has a great story and very authen tic management I know the com pany founder Ulrich Walter personally it s a relationship that has grown over time And how did you chance upon Lebensbaum had met Mr Walter on the State of Lower Saxony s advi sory board for organic agriculture And then I paid him a visit I asked him what do you do for restaurants That was how it all started The Autostadt is aiming to use 100 percent organic products in its restaurants Has that target been reached Right now we are between 80 and 90 percent Where did this goal come from switching over to organic and regional products We wanted to create value locally We quickly realised that the organic producers could work at a much small er scale and in more specialised ways Lebensbaum for example does not use anti caking agents A good spice turns an ordinary dish into a statement This is simply because of the quality and the quality offered by Leb ensbaum is a good fit for the overall concept of the Au tostadt And of course Lebensbaum offers bulk sizes Thorsten Pitt Director of the eight Autostadt restaurants in Wolfsburg Germany How smooth was the changeover to organic We first did a trial run with organic products in our Res taurant Chardonnay That was about gaining some initial experience and looking to see if and how it was actually possible to convert an entire operation to organic quality Or whether we could just go partially organic But we soon found out that the latter wouldn t work it s all or noth ing And so we decided to take the organic path What has been your experience in the catering industry is food culture changing More and more guests want to know where their food comes from and what is in it The needs and expecta tions of our guests are shifting towards more awareness of what they eat In all restaurants something is offered to suit every type of dietary requirement Everyone can find something they d like to eat on the menu regardless of their eating habits Can you put all the different eating habits in the Autostadt into a single bracket Yes Fun and enjoyment of food The focus is on enjoy ment in all of its many facets without regret We are about finding pleasure in organic products But of course that will only work if we use natural authentic products and ingredients What do you expect of a partner like Lebensbaum going forward We have the same corporate values Organic and quali ty A delicious Thai curry with your spices is just amazing We need to maintain an exchange of information What new products do you have What do we have And so our chefs and your spice developers have to come together around the same table This is how we invest in the future This is how we create something special A POT OF TEA WITH

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