81 Customers Lebensbaum products can only be found in specialist organic stores What extra can the specialist trade offer People want an honest transparent authentic range They want to know where do the things come from It is not enough to say nowadays these are eggs It is not even enough to say these are organic eggs Rather I want to know what farmer do they come from and how are the chickens raised and kept Does this transparency and credibility repre sent a USP for the organic retail trade The first organic grocery stores were established without customers having asked for such produce This was not just business for the shop owners They said I have a range of things here which I find really good and proper and future oriented These were not necessarily businesspeople No these were mainly people of conviction The organic retail trade is benefiting today from the trust built up by these shop owners in the early 1970s But such trust once earned must be nurtured Companies are not just characterised by their name history and setup but also most importantly the people who work for them And if there are people in a shop who approach things with the passion com mitment and background knowledge needed then this is a whole different level to having someone who can work a checkout well restock quickly and knows how to present vegetables but cannot tell you where the tomatoes cauliflower or celery come from Is the matter of pleasure not over whelmed by all of this knowledge No pleasure is manifested in the product when you find that something tastes good I must be able to taste the difference between a conventional yoghurt and organic yoghurt I know this is less easy to dif ferentiate the greater the degree of processing In a blind taste test I wouldn t trust my ability to tell the difference between a Dr Oetker pizza and an organic pizza from the Wagner brand I must admit that But I can tell the difference between a fruit yoghurt with real strawberries and a flavoured yoghurt I don t just trust my ability to do this but also the customer s Are there enough of these customers to facili tate further growth in the specialist trade Good specialist stores have a future Previously we had a small group of convinced consumers of organic products There is a much wider range of customers nowadays Organic is considered synonymous with quality Customers now have to find the store the product the atmosphere that is authentic for them And for most customers that is a specialist organic store That is whom they trust most when it comes to organic produce A pot of tea with Michael Radau Organic grocery store pioneer CEO of SuperBioMarkt AG Vice President of the German Retail Federation HDE

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