84 4 Finest organic quality Many Lebensbaum customers have been with us since our early years And then there are also a lot of new customers who have just discovered us in an organic shop We like to encourage both loyalty and curiosity and reward both of these virtues with the thanks they deserve Since the autumn of 2017 people who can t get enough of the look and taste of our Wanderlust teas can also look forward to attractive and eco friendly merchandise featuring the award winning Wanderlust design Like buttons printed on FSC paper tote bags and t shirts made of organic cotton by fair wear certified brand name manufacturers and mugs made sustainably in Germany by Kahla To receive one of these rewards our Wanderlust fans just have to cut out barcodes from the boxes stick them onto the bonus card tick the prize they d like and send the completed card to Diepholz This is where we fill package upon package with the selected rewards and send them using carbon neutral shipping to our loyal tea drinkers It pays to drink tea

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