Organic since 1979 Whereas we reminisced about our 35th birthday in our last sustainability report in 2016 this report is being issued just in time for our 40th Which is a good occasion to look back on our history It all started in 1979 with a small organic shop After just a few years this shop had evolved into one of Germany s first organic production op erations At first we mostly traded in herbs and spices Later we added tea and coffee But in retrospect some of the products offered by Leb ensbaum over the years might have seemed a bit odd There were ol ives copper and brass bracelets bouquets garnis and herbal wines Long before such products became acceptable in organic shops there were packaged tomato and herb cream sauces And later on liqueurs and chocolate covered coffee beans As Grandmother used to say You don t have to like everything but you do have to try everything And we can honestly say we ve lived by her rule We ve tried a lot of things But we ve always stayed true to ourselves tea coffee and spices and all 100 per cent organic 85 Customers Years LEBENSBAUM

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