85 Quality work More than 800 different coffee aromas have so far been identified notes of chocolate cinnamon caramel or pep per to name but a few Teasing these flavours out is the art practised by our roast masters We process relatively small batches in order to be able to cater to the diversi ty of the beans We adapt the roasting process according to origin preparation and bean size This entails adapting both temperature and added air flow to the roasting condi tion of the beans over the course of the roasting process Roasted by experts Here s our rule of thumb we roast our coffee slowly and at a moderate heat including a pre heating stage the process can last up to 16 minutes at a maximum heat of 233 degrees Celsius However it is not uncom mon to find markedly shorter roast ing times lasting just four minutes in the roasting trade The long roast ing times favoured by Lebensbaum mean that unpleasant acids can be removed making the coffee gentler on the stomach At the same time care must be taken to ensure that the diverse coffee aromas are not destroyed because the beans have been roasted for too long or at excessively high temperatures with the re sult that the coffee only tastes burned and bitter Hitting just the right spot requires one thing above all else expe rience We have been in the coffee roasting trade since 1933 And our chief roast master has been in his post for 20 years

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