86 Legend has it that green gold can be found growing in Central America or in Guatemala to be more precise In this case gold is a renewable raw ma terial an ingredient in some of our mixed spices and also a firm favour ite when used on its own in coffee and baked goods we re talking of course about cardamom one of Guatemala s most important exports In remote hard to access terrain in the area around Cobán the capital of the district of Alta Verapaz there are numerous small farms Here Q eqchi and Poqomchi make up the bulk of the population During and after the rainy season in particular it is virtually impossible to drive on the streets in this area and sometimes they are even flooded The cardamom fields protected in clearings in the rainforest can only be reached on foot But we re using the term fields loosely To the untrained eye all that can be seen is a thicket of leaves some several metres tall But the real action is happening on the ground there far below shoots are crawl ing out of the plants They are decorated with pretty white purple flowers and later with green capsules this is the cardamom Before the capsules have ful ly matured turned yellow and scattered their seeds they are harvested This is done by hand following an expert procedure firstly because capsules grow so close to the ground and secondly because they don t all reach the same stage of maturity at the same time Cardamom from Guatemala 5 Quality has roots

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