89 More than 1 000 different flavouring substances have already been iden tified in coffee notes of chocolate cinnamon caramel and pepper to name but a few Our roast masters are skilled in the art of teasing out these flavours They process relatively small batches which have dif ferent roasting requirements depending on origin harvest vintage method of preparation and bean size So the ideal roasting process means adjusting the temperature the duration and the amount of air supplied to the condition of the beans over the course of roasting As a general rule we roast our coffee slowly at a temperature that s not too hot including preheating for up to 16 minutes at a maximum of 230 degrees Celsius In the roasting business sig nificantly shorter roasting times of just four minutes are not un common But the longer roasting time which we favour breaks down unpleasant acids This makes the coffee particularly flavourful and al lows fine nuances to emerge At the same time it is important to ensure that the complex flavours of the coffee are not destroyed by too long a roasting time or too high a temperature which would leave the coffee tasting burnt and bitter To land precisely in the sweet spot you need one thing in particular experience We have been roasting coffee since 1933 And between them our three roast masters have almost 50 years of roasting experience Roasted by experts High quality work

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