87 The crops are harvested regularly between September and April for as long as the dry season persists The smallholders have joined forces to form cooperatives For example the various cooperatives own some drying plants in which farmers dry the cardamom capsules which they have gathered For this purpose they are poured into large containers with bases which are permeable to air and are dried out in warm air This process lasts at least one day After it has been processed this way the cardamom is amassed in the main ware house which belongs to our partner the umbrella organisation Fedecovera Via this umbrella organisation under whose aegis the various cooperatives work farmers and their families benefit from guaranteed purchase volumes expert support on main taining their fields and medical care For further processing in the umbrella organisation s storage rooms the capsules first have dust and any foreign components removed using compressed air and are then care fully sorted according to size Capsules which have already opened up are also separated from closed ones And naturally a note is made of which batch comes from which field From there the cardamom both in seed form and in whole capsules sets off on its journey to us in Diepholz We hold off on grinding the capsules for our ground cardamom until they have reached Germany in or der to guarantee a particularly lovely aroma Quality work

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