88 5 Quality has roots The European Union has established a series of obligations to be adhered to when producing organic foodstuffs at least 95 of the raw materials used must come from organic farming and it is forbidden to use genetically modified sub stances mineral nitrogen fertilisers and chemically synthet ic pesticides However there are no legal limit values for pesticides in the finished organic product which go further than the normal laws on foodstuffs Due to the coexist ence of conventional and organic farming contamination is sometimes unavoidable Contamination with genetically modified substances is also tolerated as long as it does not exceed 0 9 We ve always been a bit more stringent than that when it came to our products 100 organic no GMOs And as for inspections to check for pesticide residue we adhere to the guide values set out by the German Association of Organ ic Processors Wholesalers and Retailers or BNN for short There are of course pesticides which are not authorised for use in the production of foodstuffs in the EU When it Organic produce going the extra mile We prefer association goods but we don t always spell it out on the packaging We prefer to buy association goods These goods come from organic farmers who have joined forces in farming associations such as Deme ter Naturland or Bioland The organic associations certification requirements go even further than the criteria set out in the EU Eco Regulation German Organic Label when it comes to the use of fertilisers closed loop systems or animal welfare Only those products which come to us all the year round as associ ation goods carry this specification on their packaging one example being our Demeter Plantation Coffee This way we avoid having to change the packaging several times a year so that it sometimes boasts the claim Association goods and sometimes doesn t Changing pack aging is a lot of work generating unnecessary storage and production costs with which we have no desire to burden our customers In order to make life simpler for all concerned we also choose not to mention the goods produced by associations on the packaging of most of our tea and spice mixtures comes to the substances authorised for the production of organic foodstuffs the BNN s guide values lie far below the legal targets BNN members are only permitted to market goods which do not exceed the guide value which includes an analytical dispersion range But even here we re not content to leave it at that we choose not to exploit the analytical dispersion range which allows for fluctuations in the measurement re sults As soon as our checks deliver results which exceed the guide value we block the product in question And that s not all for some time now we have included a full declaration as recommended by the BNN on all our products Collective terms such as mixed herbs are not something you ll see on our bags or in our lists of ingredi ents Even when the amount of a raw material is less than 2 we provide a detailed list Why Because our ingredi ents have nothing to hide And no customer wants to buy a pig in a poke

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