89 When in 1924 the Demeter association selected Demeter the goddess of seasons and fertility to be their namesake they were aiming high And yet the association whose strict directives result in raw materials of especially high quali ty being produced by bio dynamic farming has more than earned its name In biodynamic farming a concept put forward by Rudolf Steiner the farm to a greater degree than in organic farm ing is seen as an organism It must produce everything it needs itself Manure From its own animals kept in harmo ny with their behavioural and species specific characteris tics keeping animals is mandatory on the Demeter farm As for animal feed it comes from the farmer s own field and is 100 organic Adding natural fertilisers from out side e g from another Demeter farm should be the excep tion not the rule Take the bull by the horns Demeter s overall intention is not to fertilise the soil but rather to revitalise it Farmers nourish the soil and its mi cro universe of life forms not the plants was Rudolf Stein er s way of explaining this approach The resources used in this process known by those work ing for Demeter as preparations may seem to have more to do with mysticism than farming to some after all cow horns which are first filled with fresh manure before being buried in the ground for six months are a tricky thing to get your head around When diluted with water and spread over the soil in the spring this horn manure preparation supports early plant development Scientific studies have shown the biodynamic preparations to be effective Apply ing such methods means you end up with particularly good plants And we reckon you can taste the difference too www demeter de Quality work

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