91 Today coffee bushes of the Mocha and Bourbon varieties grow on four parcels of land And on seven plots heirloom varieties called the Ancestrales grow in mixed cultivation as was customary there in former times On four further higher plots coffee shrubs of the Geisha variety whose fruit only develops its extraordinary flavours at altitudes of 1 300 to 1 600 metres are cultivated for the Lebensbaum Coffee Masterpiece of the same name In addition to 300 000 new coffee bushes the hacienda has been refor ested with shade trees which offer an ideal natural growing environment for the delicate coffee The coffee is picked by hand This is not a picturesque detail but an essential step in the production chain that enhances the quality of the product Harvesting with picking machines is much cheaper but the ma chines can t tell the difference between ripe and unripe coffee cherries If un ripe fruits are accidentally harvested along with the ripe ones it s not possible to produce an amazing coffee Furthermore if you use harvesting machines you can t have shade trees or erosion preventing undergrowth This is probably also the right place to mention that Hacienda Cincinnati has its own quality laboratory and training plots where employees learn the fine art of coffee cultivation And that agricultural experts from the Lebensbaum network have visited the site to conduct composting workshops From an outside perspective all of these measures might seem like obsessing over the details However they demonstrate a profound understanding of nat ural interrelationships and a deep seated passion for coffee For this reason it is important to us to find cultivation partners like the Cincinnati Coffee Com pany and forge long term working relationships Which benefit both the coffee growers and the coffee drinkers here who value quality High quality work

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