93 Demeter was the Greek goddess of the seasons and fertili ty In 1924 the Demeter association signalled its grand ambi tions by taking her name And the organisation whose strict standards of biodynamic agriculture result in raw materials of especial quality has certainly lived up to its name To an even greater extent than organic farming biodynamic agriculture which follows the principles of Rudolf Steiner sees the farm as an organism Everything that it needs it should produce itself Manure From the animals raised on the farm in a species ap propriate manner animal husbandry is mandatory on a Dem eter farm Animal feed 100 percent organic and grown on the farm s own fields Bringing in natural fertilisers from outside sources like another Demeter operation should be the excep tion rather than the rule Grab the cow by the horns Demeter s intention is not to fertilise the soil but to revitalise it As Rudolf Steiner explained this approach farmers nurture the soil not the plants The resources used for this process which are called prepa rations in Demeter terminology might seem more mystical than agricultural to some After all filling cow horns with fresh manure and then burying them in the soil for half a year is an unusual idea to say the least In the spring this horn manure preparation is diluted with water and spread over the ground to help young plants in their first phase of development The effectiveness of these biodynamic preparations has been prov en in multiple scientific studies Plants of outstanding quali ty are the result And we believe you can also taste the differ ence www demeter net High quality work

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