94 5 Quality has roots Product counterfeiting These words probably call to mind a fake Gucci bag Sometimes everything is closely copied from design to shape to logo This can be so well done that a layperson would never spot the difference Other times the results are decidedly less professional like the Bugatti chron ograph with the hands simply glued onto the small dials or the chic sun glasses labelled Ray Berry instead of Ray Ban For a long time now however product counterfeiting has not been limit ed to luxury goods like handbags wristwatches and sunglasses It is also found in the food sector But here the fakes are much more subtle and dif ficult to spot One example is Darjeeling tea Celebrated in Europe as the champagne of teas this fine black tea from the famous Indian growing region has a large fan base So large in fact that until a few years ago there was more tea bearing the name Darjeeling on the market than was even cultivated in that region Some companies simply took cheaper tea mixed it with Dar jeeling and sold it as such This was reason enough for the Indian Tea Asso ciation to obtain a Protected Geographical Indication PGI from the Euro pean Union Beginning in 2011 there was a transitional period during which suppliers had to withdraw their deceptive packaging from the market And as of 2016 the game was finally up The new legal requirements do not pose a problem for Lebensbaum we have never put anything but 100 percent Darjeeling tea in our bags labelled Darjeeling All that glitters is not gold

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