92 Quality control along the value chain Growth Always stay on the ball Touch base regularly about weather conditions and temperatures is everything growing to plan Cultivation planning Bringing in one harvest means thinking about the next this is when we discuss types quantities and cutting size for the following year with our farming partners Harvest We re involved are quantities and quality going to plan If not which partner can lend a hand After the harvest Initial on site checks are the crops being dried correctly Checks for foreign components such as stems stones or weeds Initial checks for residue We only move to the processing stage once everything is okay Internal tests As with the entry sample sensory analyses are carried out and bulk density etc are re checked Analysis Next comes the crucial check for residual moisture which is tested in the drying cabinet This is important in order to avoid germs stickiness complications when processing etc Quality analysis The input sample is carefully mixed At this stage our product specific inspection plan takes effect It s a plan based on 30 years experience with organic goods from all over the world part of the sample is checked internally whilst the rest is sent to external laboratories Tests for pesticides microbiological contamination and many additional quality criteria are conducted externally With the specialists Everything okay If so all three components are re cleaned cut and immediately freshly mixed following our formula in the specialist regional company The finished blend of raw ingredients then comes back to us Arrival of the tea blend Back to the beginning the mixture is treated like an incoming raw material This means that it receives its own batch number is subjected to external microbiological testing and internal tests repeated following a plan The tea blend is approved If the product is okay it is stored and can be used in the production process Planning and preparation The Planning department draws up a production order containing the tea blend packaging and importantly the batch traceability back to the field So it s a kind of prescription according to which the goods are produced and which ensures that every member of staff contributes the right ingredients S he then confirms this by signing the prescription

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