95 There are many such protected designations of origin The most well known is probably Champagne But Dortmund beer Nuremberg ginger bread Cheddar cheese Columbian coffee and Tequila all fall under such rules Piment d Espelette a special variety of chilli from the Basque region is only genuine if it was grown and processed there And there is a corre sponding logo on the packaging to prove it Counterfeiters usually only go to the effort if the price is worth it Saffron especially when it s ground is an especially lucrative case At raw materi al prices ranging from 3 000 to 5 000 euros per kilogram depending on or igin and quality there is plenty of temptation to cut the bright red saffron powder with paprika for example To be on the safe side it s better to buy entire threads And if you think that the greed which leads people to counterfeit food prod ucts is a modern phenomenon you re in for a surprise Hundreds of years ago when exotic spices commanded premium prices fakes were already a problem For example inventive spice merchants would mix black pepper corns with mouse droppings in the worst case or small stones a slight ly better one From 2020 High quality work

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