93 Lebensbaum fennel anise and caraway tea from crop to shop Case in point Processing stage Step by step whilst the crop is still with our partner it is where possible cleaned sieved and cut Here we use metal detectors and destoners Analysis Analyses for residue are carried out following the Lebensbaum inspection plan to the letter and the results are sent to us When dealing with new suppliers we request an additional advance specimen to check it meets our specifications sensory analysis purity bulk density sieve analysis Transport Everything s running smoothly only once the analyses have given the all clear can the raw material make its way to us This helps us avoid transporting goods only to have to send them back again Arrival in Diepholz Incoming goods inspection containers are subjected to an initial check as they arrive Are all of the bags undamaged Has the entire cargo been correctly labelled Does the batch being delivered match the order Only then does the raw material receive our own batch number Taking samples Square root 1 specially trained staff take samples For example if we have received 100 sacks random samples are taken from eleven of them The samples are poured into a large glass jar which is handed over to Quality Control QC Retained samples store Here samples from the raw materials used and the finished blend are stored for four years Samples of the finished products are also stored until the best before date plus one year Palletising Automatic sorting on the pallets by gantry robots Additional visual inspection using printed symbols Delivery Finished goods are sent via logistics centre Production Machines are set up The traceability of the product is guaranteed by stamping a batch and machine number on the packaging At the beginning of each production round initial check and whilst production is underway in process control checks are repeatedly carried out to ascertain whether the threads are correctly sewn foils are firmly sealed etc In addition to this a box from the initial check is handed over to QC which also re checks it A set of scales incorporated into the conveyer belt checks for the right net weight Packages with the incorrect weight are ejected A fault and maintenance report is taken throughout the entire procedure

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