94 5 Quality has roots Many Lebensbaum spices and teas are filled by machine How ever in the case of some products the packaging process is so complex it s a better idea to complete it by hand For example when packaging our Tea Variety or Advent Calendar 15 or 24 different individually wrapped tea bags must be arranged in a specific order in a folding box No doubt there are special smart machines that can also do this kind of work but purchasing one for these two products alone wouldn t be worthwhile for us Contract workers might well have been a solution for these tem porary peaks created by this form of hand packaging but we would then find ourselves continually having to train people on handling and quality control For more than twelve years we have therefore been working with the Bersenbrücker Gemeinnützige Werkstätten Bersen brück Not For Profit Workshops located nearby These days they deal with all Lebensbaum products which have to be pack aged by hand First an evaluation was carried out to determine whether staff were capable of doing this work and if so who would do it This means for one thing that no one ends up with too much on their plate and for another we can guarantee quality prod ucts The workshops distribute all tasks performed by hand on the path towards the finished product along various work sta tions and put together autonomous work aids which ease im plementation A box of Tea Variety goes through a total of twelve stations the lids and boxes must be assembled and a sticker attached con taining a best before date and batch number Three members of staff each insert five types of tea into wood en sorting blocks and pass them on to a member of staff who places the teas in the box in the right order Next the finished contents are checked once more After that the lid is placed on the box and held in place with adhesive points At a further checking station the finished Tea Variety boxes are weighed in order to make sure no tea bags are missing The boxes are then placed inside outer packaging which are piled on pallets fol lowing a tried and tested formula We got a feel for how much dexterity and subtlety is called for when we embarked on an apprentice outing see page 149 to the workshops Many of us failed the test as soon as the lid was unfolded It snapped astonishingly quickly and the lid was a goner There are hardly any product rejects amongst our colleagues in the workshops Unless that is we ourselves are on site and try to lend a hand Lovingly packaged by hand

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